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For a looong time, I spent way too much money on clothes and… - One Size Down
Passing Through and Passing Down
For a looong time, I spent way too much money on clothes and accessories. I wouldn’t say it was an addiction, but at the time, it satisfied a need to fill some perceived empty spaces in my life. Now that I’m in a better emotional place, I find that I have an absurdly excessive amount of clothing that I don’t really NEED.

I’m progressively selling off a lot of this acquired stash through eBay. This week I have a few knee length skirts, new-with-tags embroidered jeans from Lane Bryant, virtually new Doc Marten maryjanes, a flippy little black asymmetrical mini skirt, a DKNY black linen shirt, and a few other items. All are in a size 3X to 5X range. Over the next several weeks (probably over the next few months at this rate), I’ll be posting a great many more items of this type.

You can find my auctions here. If you wish to keep tabs on new auctions as they are posted, please consider adding me to your eBay favorites list. Thank you in advance for your assistance in this effort. =)
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