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One Size Down

Passing Through and Passing Down

Pass It Forward
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Do you keep losing weight and keep having to buy clothes to keep up with your weight loss? (Congrats, by the way, for the weight loss.) Do you have a closet full of clothes that you can't wear anymore because they're too big? Well, like Dr. Phil says, "Get rid of those clothes so you won't be tempted to fit back in them!"

This is the place to do that.

Here, you give clothes to get clothes.

Rules? There are a few:

*Post pictures of your clothes, along with size and condition, behind an LJ-cut in an effort to make the page load faster for those of you with slow internet connection.
*Post pictures separately. They can be in the same post, but keep the items separate unless they are part of a set.
*Winner of clothes is determined by person posting clothes.
*In order to get clothes, you have to give clothes to someone else. It's very important that you give just as much as you are getting. Don't be selfish!
*Each person shipping clothes is responsible for the the shipping costs.
*Whenever you "bid" for clothes, leave your e-mail address so that the person getting rid of their clothes can contact you to ask for your shipping address if they choose you.
*Feel free to get rid of shoes, jewelry, and other accessories as well.
*Also, if you have an item of clothing that you want, place a "wanted ad" for it, describing the size and description of the item desired.

Have fun, ladies, and play fair!

If you have any suggestions or questions, e-mail me at the address above. Thanks!